Thursday, March 30, 2023


Is your Data Center this Green?

TerraCloud Earth-Coupled Data Storage
Data Storage with all the efficiency and protection the Earth can offer. TerraCloud saves your data on servers that are cooled and protected by the Earth. TerraCloud data storage is tucked inside the Earth where it is protected from fire, wind, rain, hurricanes, tornados, and prying eyes and hands. TerraCloud stores your data on sealed liquid cooled data storage that stays cool using closed loop geothermal cooling. Sustained by the cool temperatures of the Earth, TerraCloud data storage is built for longevity and reliability. Your data is stored on erasure-coded pools of storage servers for up to 99.99999999% durability.  Soon, we will offer geographically dispersed storage for extra peace of mind.


Cool. Clean. Green. Secure.  Long term storage for your data.


TerraCloud for your cloud storage solution TerraCloud servers for your premises


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